Queen Elizabeth II At 90

This week the Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday. She is one of the world leaders and women that I admire because of her longevity, dedication to serving her country and people, survivor, and so incorruptible. Well, she is the only Queen of UK I know ever since I was born. It was like growing up with the Queen always there. Then my family moved to Canada which brought us more closer to the Queen and her royal family.  I wish some world leaders will follow her example by being less corrupt and be more dignified. I wish the Queen a longer life to live and a better quality of life in her older years. 
The Queen was not born in a Palace but at 17 Bruton Street in London's Mayfair on 21 April 1926 and was christened on 29 May 1926 at Buckingham Palace. 
The Royal Family stayed in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle during WWII. The Queen learnt to drive in 1945 when she joined the Auxiliary  Territorial Service as a Subaltern. 
The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 2007.

The Queen is a keen photographer and enjoys taking photographs of her family.
The Queen became the longest reigning monarch on 9 September 2015 surpassing Queen Victoria's long reign. Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen in June 1952 at 25 years old. She is the fortieth monarch since William The Conqueror obtained the crown of England. 
Every day of every year, the Queen is kept fully briefed on matters affecting the realms and Commonwealth. 
The Queen has visited 117 countries, travelling at least 1,032,513 miles during her reign. 
Queen Elizabeth is Patron of 626 charities, organisations and military regiments.
Recent photo of the Queen with 3 generations of future monarchs. 

 Queen with her great grand children.

The Queen is passionate about her horses and corgis (photo above). 
Happy Birthday Her Majesty! Long Live the Queen!

Photo credits:  V&A Museum Postcards Queen's Diamond Jubilee, photos by Cecil Beaton, Tatler Magazine  and  @BritishMonarchy

Zara Spring Style

Have you seen the Zara Spring collection yet? I am truly inspired by their collection this spring full of lace and florals in mostly earth tones. It looks like the weather here in Toronto will be getting warmer soon.  This Spring makes me inspired and excited to wear more earth tone colours clothes and add some lace for this Spring.
Zara is now open at the Scarborough Town Centre, located East of downtown Toronto. 

Holts Spring Style

 Although it is officially Spring now, we still do not have any blooms around. As we strolled  inside Holt Renfrew, Bloor Street store in Toronto, there was definitely a shower of spring flowers all around. There were many inspiring spring fashion all around together with accessories to die for. I am loving the pastel and lace dresses in Valentino. The Gucci collection with its colour combination is so cool. Etro have some really fantastic maxi dresses in marvellous prints. Here's hoping that our flowers will bloom soon all around our City. 
Spring Collection from Valentino.
Maxi dress from Etro.
Cool collection from Gucci.
Balenciaga print dress.

Spring floral bag from Stella McCartney. 
#AllTogether Spring at Holts. 

Happy Spring!

Coco Rouge Style

 Last Easter weekend, I attended the Chanel Coco Rouge beauty event at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street Store in Toronto. This is a pop-up store in the Concourse level complete with complimentary free make up service using the latest Spring collection. This event also launched the new  Coco Stylo lipstick with matching Le Vernis nail polishes in shades of red, nude, beige, light green and dark blues. It was really a fun event filled with so many new products and new fresh colours from Chanel that it was hard to choose from the collection. In the end, I ended up purchasing two lipsticks  called Message which is the lipstick that Keira Knightley used in the campaign and the lighter pinkish colour Lettre. I like using these lipstick pencils because they are easy to apply and to carry. Sometimes, it is more fun to really use pencils for the eyes and lips when putting on make-up.  If you are in Toronto, there is still time for you to attend this beauty event to meet the friendly and helpful Chanel beauty experts, as it runs until 10 April. 
Keira Knightley is wearing the Rouge Coco Stylo lipstick in Message.

Happy Easter!

 What a delight greeted me when I entered the Williams Sonoma store on Bloor St, in Toronto. Visitors to the store are greeted by elegant, adorable and fun table settings of bunnies and spring birds celebrating Easter and the arrival of Spring. What better and fun way to celebrate Easter but to have a table full of bunnies display from the plates to the centre pieces. The store was also full of colourful candies from jelly beans, lollipops in different flavours and colours, Easter bunny chocolates in all sizes, pastel coloured marshmallows and sugar covered candies. I wish I can buy them all! 

 We remember the people of Belgium and Turkey. In the midst of evil, it should be met with love. Happy Easter! 

Visita Iglesia During Holy Week

Holy Week begins this week for Christians with the celebration Palm Sunday. In the Philippines, the only staunchly Catholic country in Asia, it is a tradition during Holy Week to visit seven churches, called Visita Iglesia, to pray and reflect on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Last year, my mother had a bittersweet visit to the Philippines because of the death of her mother before Holy Week. After my grandmother's burial, my mother, together with our relatives, visited these old and historic churches in her home province of Laguna and also the nearby city of Taal in Batangas. Some of these churches were built in the 1500s during the Spanish times and mostly during the 1800s. Each church have their own elaborate and grand altars and exhibited a collection of human size santos, Saints for the devotion of the pilgrims. During this Holy Week, I hope you will be a pilgrim to pray and reflect on Jesus' passion, death and resurrection. Remember that God so love the world, He gave us his own son, who died on the cross for our salvation.  
The Altar of the Church of St Peter of Alcantara in Pakil, Laguna.
In this Church, the devotees visit the image of the Our Lady of Turumba (right photo). 
These are the dress collection of Our Lady of Turumba. 

Mother Mary.
Another tradition in the Philippines are the religious processions where these elaborate carriages with the image body of Jesus Christ together with other life size santos/saints are carried for a long procession around the town.

The Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas was built in 1575 and is known as Asia's largest Catholic Church.
Image of St Martin of Tours on horseback.
Four different types of Virgin Mary's in one Altar.

National Shrine of St Padre Pio in Santo Tomas, Batangas was designed in the Filipino Style using local materials of nipa straw for the roof and bamboo for the interior. 
Gigantic image of St. Peter.
Image of St Padre Pio.
Main Altar of the Shrine designed in the Filipino Style made with bamboo and straw roof. The central image is of God carrying the dead body of His son, Jesus Christ, up into Heaven. Filipinos are mostly devout Catholics, always filling the churches to attend mass and offer prayers.

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