Shopping In Roma

Shopping in Rome is one of my favourites. One of the best shopping and fashionable streets in Rome is the Via Condotti. When we walked around Rome, we did not miss the central Via del Corso which goes north and south from the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II all way north to the Piazza del Popolo. Mid-way along the Via del Corso is the Via Condotti where all of the best luxury Italian designer stores are located. We started at the Palazzo Fendi which is the flagship store here in Rome. All of the shoes, bags and clothes were to die for. Then as we walked along, there are stores from Prada, Max Mara, Ferragamo, Gucci, Tods, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and even luxury french designer stores like Celine, Dior, Hermés and Cartier. Come walk with me as we browse through all the luxury summer styles from these fabulous stores. Towards the end of the Via Condotti, the magnificent Spanish Steps built from 1723 to 1725 was in full show. 

Roman Eats At Roscioli

 During my vacation in Rome, I was very determined to eat here at Roscioli. This place was highly recommended to me by brother as one of the places not to be missed.  I started walking from Piazza del Popolo then along the Via del Corso towards the Piazza Navona, walked across the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to reach Via dei Chiavari where Roscioli was at the end of the street. Imagine that long walk on a hot Roman day? But I didn't mind as I was eternally entertained by the historical, fashionable Roman sights along the way. I made it right in time for lunch. Roscioli is a restaurant, deli and bakery. Everything they offer here is truly authtentic Italian, top quality and they offer the expertise in everything Italian food.  Guests can buy the bottles of wine, charcuterie, cheeses, breads, pastries, cakes and boxed pasta to take home. This is a place I highly recommend to you.  This was the most memorable meal I have ever ate in Rome. I will definitely return here again. 
Each guest was served this mixed bowl of Italian bread as a starter. 
Here is my bowl of mixed Italian bread and fresh goat cheese. 
I ordered this tripe, artichoke, fried veal and rice salad which is to die for. I loved eating this salad. Too bad I can only order this here at Roscioli in Rome. 
Then of course, I got to try this classic Roman pasta, cacio e pepe. I ate the whole thing. I learnt that the real cacio e pepe is made with pecorino cheese which melts at the bottom to form a creamy sauce for the pasta. 
As I was so full from my meal above, I decided to forego a dessert and just have my favourite cappuccino to end my meal. Everything here at Roscioli was so delicious and the service was impeccable. Next time, I will return with a reservation so that I can get a table beside that wall of wine.  

Secret Food Tour Rome

 Before you read this post, please prepare to be hungry. I started my vacation in Rome by joining a food tour not only about Italian food but especially Roman food around the city. This tour is presented by the Secret Food Tours which also have food tours in Paris and in London. This is the second food tour that I have joined presented by the same company. I first joined their food tour in London which was a mouth watering and memorable experience. This time, the food tour around the centro storico of the Eternal City included not only lots of delicious Roman and Italian food but also included a historical tour of some sights and ancient neighbourhoods. Our food tour guide, Silvia was extraordinary, very knowledgeable, fun and truly a Roman, so proud to show us her city and to share her history. Once again, prepare to be hungry as I share this Roman secret food tour which is a fun and memorable way to learn more about Rome. Excuse me though as some places here will remain, a secret.
The tour started in Piazza Navona.  Italians love their coffee, so the first visit for the tour is to try the different kinds of Italian coffee at Tre Scalini at Piazza Navona. I ordered their cappuccino, while others had the espresso and the spotted milk coffee. I learnt about Tre Scalini from this tour and returned here to have dinner on my last day in Rome. 
Tre Scalini, three stairs, is famous for their Il Tartufo a combination of 3 different kinds of swiss chocolate made into an ice cream mousse since 1946.

Silvia shared with us not only about Roman food but also the history of Piazza Navona and the story about Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain right in the middle of Piazza Navona. 

Here is Silvia showcasing some sights around the Eternal City.

After our Italian coffee, our next stop was at Forno Campo Di Fiori for the best (in my opinion) Roman pizza in town. This place deserves a separate post that I will publish later on. My favourite Roman pizza is the zucchini flowers with anchovies. The sweet taste of the zucchini flowers and the salty taste of the anchovies were the perfect combination and the most unforgettable taste only from Rome.
A busy morning at the famous outdoor market in Rome, Campo di Fiori.

Where they not only sell fresh food, vegetables and fruits but also different kinds of Italian coffee makers.

Silvia also brought us to this place near the Campo Di Fiori and near the French Embassy for a taste of different Italian cheeses like fresh bufala mozzarella among others. It was quite an experience eating outdoors in the midst of these ancient Roman surroundings. 
Of course, we got to try the Sicilian cannelloni from this authentic Sicilian bakery in Rome.
We also ate in this Roman restaurant near the Jewish Ghetto to try the carbonara and Amatriaciana. The carbonara is made with pancetta (bacon), fresh pasta and sauce made from egg, cream and pecorino cheese while the Amatriaciana tasted more meaty because the sauce is made from tomato sauce with pig cheeks.
One of my favourites is the Supli, roman rice balls. I ate some rice balls which were so filling. One good thing about this tour is that it is a walking tour.
Silvia gave us a tour around the Jewish Ghetto telling us the history of the former Jewish residents during WWII.
Check out the prices of these Italian wines.
Then we had more wine and cheese tastings here.
Save the best for last, gelato for us in this Gelato place near the Piazza Venezia which has been here for over 20 years. I tried the ciocollato and pistachio flavours.

Roman Eats At Tre Scalini

I am starting my post about my last meal on my last day in Rome. At the same time, this is also a prelude to my post this coming Saturday about the first thing I did when I arrived in Rome. You may guess, that both post will have something to do with Italian, mostly Roman food? You guessed it right. 
I returned to Tre Scalini Ristorante at the Piazza Navona to try their famous Il Tartufo which was made in the restaurant since 1946. This is an ice cream mousse made with three different swiss chocolate. The dessert is very chocolate rich but very light. I also ordered their seafood pasta and drank an aperol spritz to quench my thirst from the hot weather in Rome during that week.  I highly recommend this ristorante when you visit Rome. I wish I'm back. 

At The Met: Manus X Machina

During our visit of New York City last weekend, my friends and I had an opportunity to visit The Met Museum's recent exhibit Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. The exhibit opened last May 2nd with a grand party known as the Met Gala, the most exclusive party of the year attended mostly by Hollywood celebrities and famous people from fashion. This exhibit is curated by the talented Andrew Bolton from the The Met. The exhibit presented various clothes, mostly from haute couture from the top luxury fashion houses like Chanel, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen and Dior among others. It showcase the journey of fashion among the centuries using the latest technology from the sewing machine to the use of laser cutting machines to achieve the design using various materials like lace, flowers, beads, jewels, feathers and even straw. It was a dream come true for me to finally come here to view one of the Met's important exhibits during the year. The whole exhibit was magical, educational and inspiring especially to learn that even with the use of machine, it is still the talent of man that creates these masterpieces. 
This is a wedding gown designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. The wedding train's intricate beading was designed in a computer then handmade by the couture house using gold beads and crystals. 
Dresses designed by Prada and Louis Vuitton using flowers. 
This is another Chanel gown designed using the classic camellia flowers. 
Believe it or not, this is a wedding gown designed by the late Yves Saint Laurent. 
Gowns designed using sequins. 
This dress is called the Sardines, designed by Yves Saint Laurent. 
He used sequins to give the illusion of fish scales. 
Coat designed by British designer, Gareth Pugh using straws.
Outfits designed using feathers and straws. 
This section pays tribute to Pleats. 
Pleated skirt made with ribbons designed by Raf Simons for Christian Dior. 
This section is dedicated to lace. 
This black lace dress was designed and donated by Coco Chanel since 1955. 
Modern version of lace designed by Prada. 
Laser cut lace designed by Alexander McQueen. 
The ever classic Chanel tweeds. 
 Manus x Machina at The Met through 14 August 2016. 

I use so many processes in my work - some that involve the hand and some that involve the machine. For me, mixing the hand and the machine gives the best results.
- Miuccia Prada

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