Saturday, 26 July 2014

Wine and Roses

As I featured Niagara On The Lake on my last Weekend's post, one of the most fun activity in the town is Wine Tours and Tasting in one of the numerous wineries along the way. Believe it or not, Ontario is a Wine producer in the Niagara Region. The moisture from the Niagara River travels through these fertile lands which cultivates these vines. The Wine producers here produce Red, Whites and the most famous Icewine from their own vineyards. These Ontario Wines have won several awards in the International Wine market. One of my favourite Winery is the Peller Estates Winery which offers Wine Tours and Tasting, Restaurant and their own Wine Shop. As you drive along this area, visitors can stop on every Winery that you like to discover and buy their Wines. Isn't that a fun trip? On this beautiful sunny day, you can drive along with your Car convertible top open or your sunroof open just to enjoy the view and the fresh air breeze. Remember, if you will go wine tasting to drink moderately. Better to just buy a few bottles of wine to take home and enjoy it!
 This is the Peller Estates Vineyard.

 The Restaurant at the Peller Estates Winery which has famous chef Jason Parsons cooking up his specialities in the Kitchen. Isn't this a perfect place to enjoy your meal out in the patio with your wine pairings and delicious meal? 
 The Peller Estates Winery is a Certificate of Excellence 2014 Winner from
Here is one of the Wine Tour Guides explaining the different wines and how to drink your wine properly. 
Check out the numerous Wine Tours from the Peller Estate Winery.
 Here is a sample of the Red Wines in their shop. Right inside the shop is a Wine Tasting Bar where the visitors can sample these wines before purchasing your bottle of choice.

Enjoy your Summer Weekend!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weekend In Niagara On The Lake

 Niagara On The Lake is one of my favourite towns to visit during the Summer Season. The town is located in South Western Ontario near the Niagara River and the famous Niagara Falls. During Spring and Summer, the town just burst with a display of colourful flowers, patios in the restaurants and full of tourists mostly from the United States, Asia and Europe. One of the things I love about the place is that the restaurants in the area offer food from local fresh produce from the Niagara Region including the multi awarded Ontario Wines which are also produced in the area. As we drove on the way to the Town, we passed by many Wineries showcasing rows after rows of their vines plus their variety of fruit farms. Most of the fruits grown here besides the grapes are strawberries, peach, pears and raspberries. Visitors can stop by the Wineries to sample and purchase the wines. There is also Queen Street which is the main street full of restaurants with patios and a variety of shops offering food, fashion and home wares. Before visiting the famous Niagara Falls, stop by Niagara On The Lake to discover so much more. 
 Shaw Cafe is one of the restraurants along Queen Street offering the best food, wine and patio in town. 
 The Prince of Wales Hotel established since 1864 is one of the oldest Hotels in the Niagara On the Lake Region. The hotel is part of the Vintage Hotels Collection in the region. The Hotel offers an elegant Afternoon Tea inside and also a Spa. I will feature another Vintage Hotel in the region in my future post. 
Queen Street is blooming with beds of colourful flowers. 
 Stroll along Queen Street to explore the Shops and restaurants along the way. 
 Window display of some of the shops along Queen Street is this freshly made caramel popcorn. Would you like to try some?
 Above are some freshly baked Canadian Maple Syrup Pecan Butter Tarts and chocolate covered banana on sticks.
 Apple candies covered in chocolate and marshmallows.
 Locals and visitors hanging out in the Restaurant Patios enjoying the local food and wine produced around the Niagara region.
Locals enjoying the Summer sunshine in their convertible Mustangs.

  I am off to a travel adventure this week. Wishing you all a fantastic Weekend! 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Toronto Summerlicious

Chicken Cordon Bleu with french bean salad, sweet onion soubise, mustard caper vinaigrette and smoked bacon jus.

Toronto is buzzing again this past two weeks from July 4th to July 20th with Summerlicious. This is a two weeks food extravaganza with over 100 restaurants around Toronto participating to celebrate our diverse cuisine. The restaurants offer prix fixe lunch and dinner menus at a very affordable price. This is our chance to discover new restaurants and to try high end restaurants at an affordable price. If you are in Toronto, there is still time to try the Summerlicious. Go for it and have fun! 
Ice cream Sandwich with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate chip cookie on top, nutella and candied hazelnuts.

For Summerlicious, a group of us visited the classic French Restaurant Auberge Du Pommier to try their three course prix fixe lunch menu. The Auberge Du Pommier is one of the top ten most recommended restaurant for Summerlicious in the Toronto Life  Magazine. For a group of eight, we were impressed by their impeccable service and very knowledgeable staff. Our waitress and staff served us with military precision considering we were quite a large group. As for me, I chose to drink their apricot lavender iced tea, shrimp salad crostini for Appetizer, Chicken Cordon Bleu as main entree and ice cream sandwich for my dessert. Overall, we had fun and enjoyed our food. My friends were happy and impressed with the Restaurant. We will be coming back again to try their Gourmand Menu.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Exotic Shangri-la Boracay Gardens

Last week, we discovered the gardens of the Carmel Mission. Now we travel back here to Boracay, Philippines which I previously featured in my post, Shangri-la Moments in Boracay. The gardens here at the Boracay Shangri-la Resort & Spa are so authentically tropical, exotic and well maintained. The resort employs a fleet of local gardeners who are from the Island of Boracay to take care of these gardens like their own. They know these plants, trees and flowers so intimately. The gardeners maintain them everyday not only for aesthetic purposes but also with preservation of the environment in mind. The gardeners enjoy and takes pride in their work because they are also communing with nature and making an impact in preserving the beauty of their Island of Boracay in the Philippines. 

Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by the Coconut trees and local plants and flowers.
Even the birds likes to hang out around here.

The walkway to the Beach is surrounded by plants and trees.
Shangri-la made sure that their outdoor shower is very chic too. 
I miss relaxing here. 
The sound of the water here is so tranquil.

Stone garden and Banana trees.
A place to relax and socialise is surrounded by water and plants.
I can't resist hanging out here by the Beach.

Have a wonderful and fun Summer Weekend!