Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Vintage Vogue At J.Crew

One of my favourite stores in Toronto is J. Crew.  When I tried their clothes in their Fitting Room, I was surprised to discover these vintage Vogue covers set in silver frames with white matte borders. I was impressed that they made an effort to decorate their Fitting Rooms.  This decor is so true to their very fashion forward and elegant style.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Something Beautiful And Delicious

 You may ask, what is this something beautiful and delicious? Something brown and square? Something round in pastel colours? One of the delightful places I discovered in Paris was La Maison Chocolats Richart located at Rue Bonaparte. I discovered this store while walking along Rue Bonaparte, north of Saint Germain des Prés. The store is also near Ladurée on this side of the 6th Arrondissement.  Chocolats Richart was established since 1925 in Paris as a confectioner of chocolates and macarons using the finest of ingredients. As you can see here, the chocolates are just a thing of beauty. Design is their passion that is why their chocolates are a work of art in itself. They are too pretty to eat. The prices are not so expensive too. One of the things I love in Paris, is that they have these stand alone Chocolate boutiques. It's one of a kind in the world. The good news for us here in North America is that they ship these freshly made chocolates and macarons to our North American continent by shopping on-line here.

Bon Appétit! 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Amazing Pope Francis

 Photo credit: Instagram by my Goddaughter, Nicole

During Pope Francis' first visit to the Philippines last week, I learnt to admire this man through his action and his words. I am Roman Catholic and the Pope is the Head of our Church with its headquarters at the Vatican City in Rome.  Pope Francis is God's representative here on Earth, head of the Roman Catholic Church, Vicar of Christ and also Bishop of Rome.  His State visit to the Philippines carried the theme of Mercy and Compassion because he wanted to meet the Filipinos in Manila and to visit last year's super typhoon Yolanda survivors in Leyte, Southern Philippines. 

When Pope Francis arrived in Manila to start his State Visit, he was greeted like a rock star by thousands of Filipinos who waited for hours along the streets. The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia. The country is composed of at least 85% Catholics. So it was not surprising that the Filipinos gave the Pope a massive, friendly and loving welcome in the country.  Watching all these on TV, I admire Pope Francis now because he never wavered from his mission of representing God and Jesus here on Earth, he is very simple, down to earth and despite rain or shine he was out there to be with the people. In this time of trouble, terrorism and all negative things around us, we are blessed to have Pope Francis who is a symbol of God's goodness, mercy and love here in Earth. I hope we will never forget that regardless of our different religions. 
Some of you lost part of your families, all I can do is keep silent, and I walk with you all, with my silent heart. - Pope Francis to the crowd in Leyte.

During his trip to Leyte, Southern Philippines, he was greeted by thousands of people and by an incoming typhoon. It was pouring rain when he arrived with his entourage. The typhoon did not scare or stopped him. The Pope wore the same rain poncho as the rest of the crowd showing that he is one with the people. He continued to celebrate the outdoor mass at the airport despite the rain and strong winds. The Pope told the people that when he saw the super typhoon Yolanda last year from Rome, he felt that he had to be here to visit the survivors. If you remember, super typhoon Yolanda devastated the island last year with massive floods that destroyed villages and killed almost seven thousand people.  Unfortunately, his day visit to Leyte was cut short because of the typhoon. But the Pope still completed all of his commitments there through a shorter visit.
The Pope delivered a very emotional speech in Spanish to the people of Leyte.
 After the mass at the Manila Cathedral, the Pope broke protocol by exiting at the side entrance of the Cathedral to cross the street to place a surprise visit to this Shelter for Street children. This surprise visit to the poorest of the poor in Manila, was very touching to everyone especially giving joy and love to these abandoned and street children. Pope Francis is known to serve the Poor. 

Here are some advise from Pope Francis to families:
The mass at the Luneta Park in Manila was attended by almost 7 million Filipinos, a record in the whole World. Pope Francis asked us to pray for him.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Weekend At Place Saint Sulpice

 One of my favourite places to visit in Paris is the Place Saint Sulpice located along Rue Bonaparte in the 6th Arrondissement. Right on the Centre of the Plaza is the L'Eglise Saint Sulpice which was built in 1754. This place is a short walk from the Jardin de Luxembourg. The Place Saint Sulpice is surrounded by chic boutiques, cafes and Patisseries including Pierre Herme which is famous for its macarons, also rows of Bookstores and offices of Editors and Publishers. As you can see, Parisians can hang out here and just enjoy the view. When I visited the Church, there was a funeral service going on so I was not able to take as many photos as I would like. It was a grey day in Paris but it was peaceful and full of beauty. 
 Fountain of the Four Bishops built between 1844 to 1848.
  There is a Church in my life.
 This is my second time visiting the Church. Right in front of the Main alter here is the Rose line which was made famous in the movie, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.
 The arches, the statues and the art in the Church were so grand and dramatic.
These art displays show harmony, friendship and love which are what we need more our World.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Thoughts On Freedom

As I was looking into my photos of my trip to Paris last October, I came across my photographs along Rue Bonaparte on the Left Bank, 6th Arrondissement of Paris. This part of Rue Bonaparte  between the Jardin de Luxembourg and Place Saint Sulpice are lined with the traditional Parisian Bookstores that sell all kinds of French books and also several Publishing and Editorial Offices.

As I walked along, I was intrigued by this ancient sign on the wall indicating this date 29 Juillet 1881. Upon my research, it turned out to be the Law on Freedom of the Press of 29 July 1881, commonly known in French as Loi sur la liberté de la presse du 29 Juillet 1881. This is the Press Law in France which defined the freedoms and responsibilities of the media and publishers in France.

 These photos are now meaningful with the recent events in Paris. Our freedom of the press and speech were attacked by extremists in Paris last week. Our societies in the Western World have established Press Laws which honour the freedom of the Press and Speech. We are aware that those who break the law will be punished. The  French showed the World during the Unity rally last Sunday in Paris, that they are brave and encourages us to continue the fight for our freedoms that our ancestors have fought for many centuries ago. We are not afraid. #JeSuisCharlie.