New York City Night Tour

 New York City, a city that never sleeps. During our visit early June, we made sure that we joined the Grey Line Night Tour of New York City and Brooklyn. After dinner, we joined the night tour starting at Broadway, right in the heart of Times Square, to see the neon lights sparkle in the night. We were not disappointed as this area was full of people, full of life and full of neon lights. Then our double decker bus tour moved on to other areas of New York City showcasing all of its grand landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Macy's, the iron cast buildings in Soho, Rockefeller Centre, even saw Spider Man somewhere and especially in the end, the downtown skyline highlighting the One World Trade Center. Despite the latest terrorist attack in the city last weekend, New York City and its people are resilient, welcoming, brave, never intimidated and never afraid. 

NYC Lombardi's Pizza

 A trip to New York City will not be complete without trying their authentic Italian pizza from Lombardi's Pizza. This is an institution in itself as this is the first ever pizzeria in the United States, founded since 1905 in Little Italy, Manhattan. The pizzeria is still located on this original location right on Spring St in Little Italy and still family owned. It still does not have any credit card or debit machines. They only accept cash. As you can see here, the Caesar Salad with garlic, anchovies and fresh Parmesan cheese together with the pizza made with the fresh San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh buffalo mozzarella were worth the wait and the visit. 

Fall Colours From Flowers to Wine

 During the last Labour Day weekend, we visited the town of Niagara On The Lake, two hours west of Toronto. This is one of my favourite towns to visit because there are wineries, numerous restaurants and Vintage Hotels around the town where you can stay, dining and go for a spa weekend. The Sunday Brunch at these Vintage Hotels at Queens Landing or Pillar and Post are one of the best in town. All of the Canadian local wineries are all over the town offer tours, wine tasting and shops to purchase their local wines. When we visited, the bandera espanola flowers were in full bloom in different colours from pink, yellow and even burnt orange. The local wines especially the Ice Wines, produced only from this region where out in fall colours of golden yellow or golden brown. It seems that fall is coming soon. 
Towering bandera espanola flowers. 

Fall Style

 Fall is coming soon. No wonder Holt Renfrew have updated their in-store display with all things fall from coats that are so stylish and colourful, like the pink coat above from Gucci to the down coats from Canada Goose. Ankle length pants and midi length skirts are back in darker colours from black to earth tones like beige and brown. There is also a hint of the metallic gold, red or burgundy through accessories in bags or shoes to add colour to the Fall outfit. What is your Fall inspiration for this season? 

After 15 Years: One World Observatory

 This Sunday is the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorists attacks in New York City, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania.  On this day, we remember all of the Americans and citizens of the World that lost their lives tragically on 11 September 2001. Up to now, there are still eight thousand victims whose bodies have not been identified. During our trip to New York City in early June this year, we visited Ground Zero which is so different now from our last visit at least 10 years ago. When we first visited here, the Memorial was just opened and we had to book our timed tickets in advance and then go through strict security screening. Fifteen years later, the Memorial is more open to the public with no security screening but there are still police around. Ground Zero has rebuilt with the brand new One World Observatory on the 100th floor of the new One World Trade Center Tower located beside the World Trade Center Memorial. Nearby is the brand new Oculus designed as a winged structure by Santiago Calatrava. The rebuilding around the World Trade Center area shows the triumph of man over evil and at the same time we will never forget the event and the thousands of lives lost in that tragic event. 

Discover Chanel Le Rouge

So excited that Chanel has a new Fall make up collection, the new Chanel Le Rouge designed by new Chanel cosmetics creative director, Lucia Pica. The collection's pillar is the colour red as interpreted by Lucia in different palettes and products. The collection shows the power of wearing red in the eyes, the cheeks, the nails and especially on the lips. I purchased the Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow above in Candeur et Experience which shows more natural earth tones colour in brown, beige and reddish brown. As you can see from the videos below, you can wear it more intense or combine the colours all together for a softer more natural look with a hint of colour. There are matching lipsticks and the powder blush in Joues Contraste gives a rose pink touch to the whole collection. I am excited and looking forward to wear this collection in the coming Fall. 

Check out the Chanel make-up tutorials below for the best make-up tips:
Chanel Le Rouge Make-Up Tutorial with Fiona.
Chanel Le Rouge Make-Up Tutorial with Jac Jagaciak.
For a lighter and subtle Make-Up Tutorial with Jac Jagaciak.

Put your red lipstick on an attack. 
-  Coco Chanel 
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