Jerusalem Local Food

 One of my favourite things to do when travelling is discovering the local food. When we visited Jerusalem, we ate their local food of falafel, hummus made from chick peas, kebabs made from lamb and their vegetarian Jerusalem salad made of tomato and cucumber with parsley and tahini sauce. We tried it all around Old Jerusalem and especially at Hummus Lina Restaurant. This restaurant has been in this City for over 60 years and is still family owned. Apparently, the third and fourth generation family members are now managing this restaurant. Hummus Lina makes one of the best hummus in town. As you can see from the photo below, their hummus is made with pine nuts, parsley, local Israeli olive oil and chick peas. It was so filling to dip the pita bread on it and eat all of the falafel made from chick peas and crispy fried to perfection. Jewish/Arab food is a mix of vegetarian with some meat together with the Jerusalem salad which is so refreshing in the Middle Eastern heat. I miss eating their food which is healthy and great for loosing weight. I never thought I could eat vegetarian all day and some days. That's why when you travel, never hesitate to try their local food. You might love it too. 

A Walk Around Old Jerusalem

 We experienced this week the first full moon of 2017. When we were in Jerusalem last October, it was also a full moon on our first day there. Jerusalem was built and was fought for by the Jewish and Palestinian tribes all over Israel including foreign invaders like the Muslims, Ottoman Turks, Romans and even the British, have conquered and lost this land for over 2,000 years old. Even Jesus Christ and his disciples have lived and even died here. It is one of the most ancient cities in the World. It considers itself the centre of the world. No wonder, even the moon and the sun here are so huge and so fierce, always making known to the people below its magnificent power. We learnt that Jerusalem is a city of contrast with all four religions have its history here from the Jewish, Islam, Christianity and the Orthodox. Each one living side by side inside its ancient walls. They live with each other peacefully and sometimes in war. But lately, with the grace of God, they are living beside each other in peace. Jerusalem, we learnt, despite its ancient history of conflicts, is a city of peace after all. 
Most of the store owners are Palestinians who are so welcoming, friendly and helpful. They are a good people who are working hard to earn their living and live peacefully with the Jews. 
Honestly, sometimes, it was hard to distinguish if they are Jewish or Palestinians. They both descended from Abraham.  I learnt many lessons here including not to be judgemental, to keep out of trouble. Just be respectful. 
Jerusalem is a City of Peace, a sign from this coffee and tea shop owned by a Palestinian. 

Dolce and Gabbana Romantic Roses

The Dolce and Gabbana windows always show abundance, elegance, extravagance and loads of style. This time in the middle of winter they are showcasing on their windows their Romantic Roses collection which truly uplifts and gives hope during winter. It's a message that spring will come soon after this snowy, freezing and grey winter. The fur ear muffs above are just so fabulous and for sure will keep warm. The rose sandals below just makes one smile and inspired even though we can only look at it. We should always admire beauty even though it is beyond our reach. 

At Jamie's Italian

 I finally made it to Jamie's Italian, the restaurant of famous British Chef, Jamie Oliver, located at Yorkdale Mall, west of Toronto, after my second try. The first time my friends and I planned to eat out here, it got cancelled. The second time, there was a snow storm then finally, with my family, during the Boxing Day week, we made it inside the restaurant. Honestly, I was impressed by the grand scale of the restaurant. As you can see, it is two floors which can accommodate a large number of guests during their lunch and dinner hours. The bar is pretty cool and really a great place to hang out drinking wine, eating pizza or charcuterie. Overall, I was not impressed by the Italian food he served. The nachos I ordered were more like fried ravioli rather than the crispy nachos. Then the carbonara pasta was quite dry with the smoked bacon tasted burnt. As usual, the dessert made the whole difference with the pear and caramel sauce on top of the cheesecake was truly delicious. I could go back here again to perhaps try the other offerings on the menu. 

It's A Wonderful World!

 Toronto during Christmas is just sparkling with Christmas decorations all over the City. One of the best Christmas decorations is here at the largest mall in the City, the Toronto Eaton Centre. This mall covers several blocks along Yonge St (the longest street in the World). Then for this Christmas, the Eaton Centre put up the tallest Christmas tree here in Canada. This tree stands tall at 108ft, taller than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City. It was truly magical and delightful to see it. The Christmas tree was unveiled last 24 November with the Choir singing Louis Armstrong's song, What A Wonderful World, which is a great song to start the New Year 2017! Remember that we live in a wonderful world, full of hope, love and joy. Recognising and accepting all of our differences. Let us not destroy our wonderful World. Let us see the beauty all around us, beauty in each other, let us take care of each other and our World. Happy New Year!
Watch here the unveiling of the Christmas tree and touching sing a long in Toronto of  Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World by Choir!Choir!Choir!

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy New Year!

Tiffany Christmas

 The Tiffany & Co. Christmas windows is one of the best in our City. It always show class, style, elegance and sparkles. It's only at Tiffany that we saw a Christmas tree wrapped in jewels of diamonds and  pearls. I love the Tiffany blue box with the perfect white bow. I am most inspired by the beautiful and elegant jewels inside the Tiffany blue box. I hope you are having a merry Christmas holiday season with family and friends. Enjoy every moment, always be inspired and recognise all the beauty around us. 

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