Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spring Love Is In The Air

Spring love is in the air with the view of these Cherry Blossoms at Yorkville during the week. Who wouldn't fall in love with these pretty and so fragrant blooms? Standing under these trees and seeing the petals drop on the ground made the whole experience a magical delight. The fragrant blooms makes one fall in love with the Spring season. 
The Spring came suddenly,
bursting upon the world
as a child burst into a room,
with a laugh and a shout
and hands full of flowers.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Happy Spring!


  1. This is so wonderful, what amazing blooms, you look fantastic among them :))) I hope you havea gorgeous day xx

  2. Amazing blooms :) Beautiful pictures! I really love Spring :)

  3. Over here spring is almost over and all the cherry blossoms have already disappeared :/

  4. Ι missed the cherry blossoms here, so I'm very happy to see your pictures! Enjoy spring! :)

  5. You look so good Pamela. Those cherry blossoms are spectacular.

  6. I absolutely love cherry blossom and your photos are all stunning. A perfect spot to have your lovely photo taken. Sadly all our blossom has now gone - hardly surprising with all the rain we have had!

  7. Well, hello, there, Pamela :) So, so pretty!!! I love cherry blossoms and need to find a spot for a cherry tree in my garden. xoxo

  8. Aw wow, the cherry blossoms are utterly magical and define the beauty and grace of Spring. Thanks for your kind review on my last post, Happy Friday!

  9. Beautiful shots! Spring and summer are my favourite seasons.

  10. Lovely cherry blossoms.... amazing pics!!!
    Happy friday super fashionista!!!!


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